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Semi-automatic machines:

Volumetric filling syringe work on any type of container: bottles, jars, tubes, boxes, they are plastic, glass or metal. Vast range of products that can be filled: liquids, gel, shampoo, liquid soap, perfumes, oil products, waxes, emulsifiers, etc.. . All parts in contact with the product are made of 316 stainless steel or PVC antacid for acid. The regulation of working time is through microscopic valves, which control the suction pressure and dosing (filling). Self - direct feed from the tanks for liquid or dense and homogeneous products, with 30 liter hopper from 'high to very dense products, if necessary with the help of propeller at thrust. Easily removable for easy cleaning.

Dimensions: 750x300xh.400mm (900 mm with hopper, hopper helix 1,100 mm) Weight 40/48 kg

A - Volumetric filling system with pneumatic syringe:

  • Ideal for dense and creamy products
  • Capacity from 5 to 250 ml or 100 to 1,000 ml

A1 - Option: hopper with agitator auger push product, or warm hopper with a recirculating pump.

B - System of volumetric filling

  • Construction of stainless steel with Teflon seals.
  • Automatic control continuous or blow after blow.
  • Production: 1000 pieces / h
  • Capacity adjustable from 10 to 100 cc or 20 to 250 ml
  • Motor with 220V 50/60 Hz
  • Continuous Change of speed to allow maximum adaptability to any type of liquid flowing, dense and creamy foam.

Ciabatti Marino - Macchine Semiautomatiche
Ciabatti Marino - Macchine Semiautomatiche
Ciabatti Marino - Macchine Semiautomatiche